“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

- Christopher Reeve

If you’ve asked yourself why life has become stressful, then we have good news for you.

We invite you to learn how to transform your life as well as relieve symptoms and prevent and heal diseases through self-care.

The Power of Self-Care

Engage in Healing Yourself

Know that Your Attitude Does Count

Understand the Connection, Calmness and the power of Change that You Have Within You

Learn the art of using Food, Self-awareness, Self-expression, Relaxation, Meditation and Prayer, and Movement.


Getting Started

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How do you look at your world?


“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” ~Anne Frank Have you ever listened to the news or noticed the people around you that seem to find the worst in the world to talk about? I find myself cringing when there is so much negativity and I want to run away…

What is the next note in your song?


“All of us miss notes – whether it’s the right note or the wrong note depends on the next note.” ~Miles Davis Have you ever made a choice that you later decided was the wrong one? Did you want to kick yourself for not being smarter, quicker, skinnier, richer, famous, noticed…well, the list could go…

Are you a LOSER when you are depressed?


When was the last time you were able to be ‘present’ when you were feeling depressed? Well, then you too have lost that moment just like I lost many moments in my life. Now I can only write this from my own experiences with depression, so I can look back and say that I was…

Important Reasons for Detoxification


Thousands of individuals all over the world routinely perform body detoxification programs in one form or another. A detoxification plan will restore not only your immune system, but will rejuvenate your body’s organs and health as well. Here are just a few reasons why one should think about a detox program: #1: Substance that are…